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Moving to Pennsylvania? Read This First…

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philadelphiaIf you’ve recently been offered a job in Pennsylvania or you just fancy a change of scenery, then you are probably on the verge of packing up all your belongings and moving to this great State.

However, packing and moving, especially if it’s across the country, is not always an easy task, and in some circumstances it can be downright stressful.

This is why our experts have taken the time to compile the tips below for anybody that is moving to Pennsylvania, either now or in the near future.

Get help with moving expenses

If you are moving to Pennsylvania because of a new job then don’t fall into the trap of paying for all the moving expenses by yourself. Many companies are now willing to help with the costs…all you have to do is ask!

Move at the right time

When you are flexible with your moving dates then you might want to consider making the move at an “off-peak” time. As an example, just about everybody wants to move at the weekends, but this means that moving costs will be at a premium. For this reason, try and move during the week to save money.

Travel light

Do you really need to take 20 years of junk with you when moving to Pennsylvania? Probably not, which is why you need to stop being sentimental so you can travel light. Hold a yard sale just before you move, sell your stuff on eBay, or if you can’t quite bring yourself to get rid of it all then go down the storage route.

Plan ahead

If you’ve already purchased a house or have agreed to rent then it’s a good idea to plan ahead as much as possible so you can start feeling at home as soon as you move in. One example is to choose a good energy company such as Direct Energy who will be able to supply you with the best energy at the lowest prices.

Be careful when packing

When you are transporting precious items across the country it’s important to be very careful with your packing. Make sure you wrap the items well, and then place them in good boxes with the words “fragile” and “handle with care” clearly stated.

Enjoy Pennsylvania

Once you have arrived in Pennsylvania then it’s time to enjoy everything the State has to offer. Maybe you fancy catching a Pittsburgh Steelers NFL game, or you want to run up those famous steps in Philadelphia to visit the Rocky statue? Whatever you do, have fun!

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Young and Healthy

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No one likes to think about it, but eventually that young, rosy-looking and soft skin you’ve got is going to begin to sag, dry out, and form unsightly wrinkles. You might not think there’s not much you can do about it – everyone gets older, and as they do, their skin shows their age – but the truth is there are plenty of ways to keep your skin looking young and healthy as you age. Here are a few of the best and most effective ways to bring your skin back to its more youthful state.

On the Skin or In the Mouth

There are fantastic ways to revitalize the appearance of your skin regardless of your age, and they’re all available from dermatologists and cosmetic companies. However you have to know which products work and which don’t – and how to use them. For example, while phytoceramides are an excellent way to moisturize your skin and return elasticity to it, you’ll do better to take an oral supplement like phytoceramides instead of applying it topically. Interestingly, the reverse is true for skin treatments such as vitamin C serum or argan oil: these treatments are only highly effective when applied to the skin directly. Make sure to pay close attention to the instructions for each skin treatment to ensure you’re using it in the way it was designed to be; whatever treatment you do eventually choose, you can rest assured that using it properly will do wonders for the appearance of your skin.

A Little Surgical Help

Sometimes even the most powerful skin serum or anti-aging cream might not be enough for your needs. However, if nothing else works there’s always the last and sometimes most drastic option: surgery. Procedures such as facelifts have been used for decades to tighten up sagging skin, but you don’t necessarily have to go under the knife for a medical treatment. Botox injections are a popular alternative to more invasive surgery, though temporary; the effects of a Botox treatment usually last anywhere from three to six months before those wrinkles begin to show up once more. Other treatments such as microdermabrasion are also good ways to revitalize your skin in a non-invasive way as well; many people feel that a good deep thorough cleansing through a microderm treatment can leave skin feeling more healthy and glowing, regardless of how many wrinkles you may have.