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4 Tips to Help a Small Room Appear Bigger

Posted by in Lifestyle

girl in roomNo matter if you live in a tiny apartment with small rooms or you just want to spruce up the spare room in your house, creating the illusion of a small room appear bigger is actually not that hard. Follow the 4 tips below to make it happen…

Lighten up the room

Dark colors tend to leave a small room looking even smaller, while brighter colors such as light blue or yellow create the illusion of space.

Choose a curtain material that is light and bright, while avoiding heavy materials.. Give the walls a lick of paint in your chosen color and change the carpet to a medium/bright color. You are now well on your way to making the room appear bigger.

Let the light in

As well as using brighter colors to light up the room, it’s also a good idea to let as much natural light into the room as possible. The reason? Because natural light helps to visually expand the amount of space in the room, which makes it an easy way to help a small room seem bigger.

To make this happen, don’t use window treatments such as blinds and panels, while at the same time leaving the curtains open during the day to let as much natural light in as possible.

Use less furniture

The easiest way to use less furniture is to have each piece of furniture perform multiple functions. For example, a desk could double as a dining table in the evening in the living room, while a dresser could easily be used as a nightstand in the bedroom.

You can also take advantage of furniture that folds up for easy storage, so it only has to take up space when in use. Also, make sure you position furniture wisely, by keeping things such as couches, chairs, and tables to the side of the room in order to create more space.

Store vertically

A major problem with small rooms is how to store things without making it look cluttered, untidy, and small? Luckily, the solution is rather simple…all you need to do is start storing items vertically instead of across the floor.

A good way to achieve this is by putting up multiple shelves, almost to the ceiling, and then storing items on there. An added bonus of doing this is that the room starts to feel taller as well as bigger, which gives you and anybody visiting your house the illusion of being in a spacious room.

Simple Tips For Shipping a Package

Posted by in Lifestyle

postageThere is nothing worse than receiving a package through the mail only to find the item is damaged or broken in some way. It only takes a little bit of extra time to pack something safely, which means the recipient gets everything exactly as advertised and there are no issues.

If you sell items on eBay, or have recently opened an ecommerce online store, then this article will show you exactly how to ship a package.

Reusing old shipping boxes

In order to save money on packaging, you might sometimes use old shipping boxes to send an item. Just make sure you watch out for any old addresses or barcodes on the box, and take them off if you find any, as these could cause it to be sent to the wrong place.

Print the address off

It takes time to write the addresses onto boxes, so it’s handy to know that you don’t have to write anything at all.

For example, let’s say that you have sold on item on eBay and the customer paid through Paypal. All you need to do is log into your Paypal account, find the transaction, and then print off a shipping label that includes their address. You then stick this on to the box and it is ready to send.

Put the item in bubble wrap

One of the best ways to protect items that are going to be shipped is to put them in bubble wrap. It’s common for packages to be thrown around and even dropped in a sorting center, so giving them this extra layer of protection is crucial.

Put the item in a gift box

If you want to impress the customer when they open the package, then it’s a good idea to put the item in a gift box. Even better, if you go to a site like then you can buy a personalized gift box that will include a special message or a logo.

Track the package

Although using the postal service is usually very reliable, sometimes packages do go missing, and when this happens it will leave you out of pocket (as you’ll have to refund the customer or send the item again). To avoid this happening, consider spending the extra money to track all of the packages you send.

Send with plenty of time to spare

During holiday periods such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, delays in the postal service are common. This means you should try to send the package as quickly as possible, so it reaches its destination on time and you have a happy customer.

The Ultimate Guide to Movie Costumes

Posted by in Lifestyle

charlie chaplinIf you’ve been invited to a fancy dress party with a movie theme, then you will have to buy a movie costume in order to attend.

However, most people have never worn a movie costume before, and this leads to a lot of questions and confusion. Should I buy a movie costume or make one myself? What should I go as? How much should I pay? Is it best to rent or buy? The questions go on and on…

We hope to answer some of these questions with our ultimate guide to movie costumes.

Rent or buy?

Almost always, it’s a better idea to buy a movie costume rather than rent one. The reason? Because if you buy online then you can usually get it cheaper for what it would cost you to rent from a fancy dress shop, and you also have a costume that can be worn in the future at other parties.

We have found the best place to get a range of movie costumes from is

Should I make one myself?

Only attempt to make a movie costume yourself if you have experience in putting outfits together. Don’t try to do it without any experience as it will probably end up looking silly.

If you absolutely have to make one yourself then go with something very simple, that doesn’t require lots of different items and fabric to make it work.

Choosing the costume

With the vast majority of movie theme fancy dress parties you won’t be given any guidance on what or who to go as. Firstly, it’s a good idea to choose a movie that most people are familiar with, as there is nothing worse than constantly being asked the question, “who are you?”

Secondly, choose a costume that you will feel comfortable and confident wearing. In other words, avoid going in something outrageous if you don’t want to draw a lot of attention to yourself.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

A major mistake is to leave everything to the last minute. There is nothing worse than rushing around a few hours before the party is due to begin looking for a fancy dress shop that is open or frantically chucking things out of your wardrobe trying to find a wig and a blue jacket.

Try and get everything done a few weeks before the party, so you are fully prepared and it goes as smoothly as possible when the party comes around.

Hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party? Five Rules…

Posted by in Lifestyle

party flagsIf you’ve seen those Ugly Christmas Sweaters and want to get in on the action, then hosting your very own party is the best way forward.

This is where everybody who attends wears an ugly Christmas sweater, in a bid to have fun, relax, and enjoy doing something a bit different than your normal parties.

Here are five rules to note before hosting your first party:

Sending out invitations

The first rule of hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party is to send out invitations that make it very clear that guests have to wear one of the sweaters. If they don’t, then they will not be allowed in.

It doesn’t matter if people buy an ugly Christmas sweater or they make one themselves. They just need to wear something.

Have great food

A party isn’t a party without great food available for your guests. This means you should put a lot of effort into the catering in order to make sure everybody has enough food for the duration of the party.

Serve a range of snacks throughout the night, and even try your hand at some Christmas themed desserts. Put simply, if your food isn’t up to scratch or there isn’t enough of it, then people will quickly leave.

Give a prize for best sweater

An ugly Christmas sweater party wouldn’t be complete without an award for the best (or worst) sweater.

There are a few different ways you can come up with the winner. One way is to decide yourself, and then announce the winner at the end of the night, before presenting them with some kind of prize. Another way is to have a group vote, where everybody at the party gets to have a say about who they think has the best sweater.

Record the party

It’s never a good idea to have an ugly Christmas sweater party and not record the action. With this in mind, make sure you get your best friend filming everything with a video camera, as well as encouraging guests to take pictures on their smartphones and then share them on social media the day after so everyone can see just how great your party was.

Make it an annual event

If everything goes to plan and your party is a huge success then have another ugly Christmas sweater party next year. Making it an annual event gives people something to look forward to in December, and most importantly, gives them a break from the usual Christmas parties that are boring.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Property

Posted by in Money

cambridge propertyYou’ve seen it on the TV and read about it in newspapers, but is investing in property really a good idea? Some people make it seem really easy, and walk away millionaires after a few years, but the reality is usually a lot different. It’s a sad fact of life that the majority of investors end up losing money.

If you want to be in the top 5% of property investors then you should ask yourself these important questions before going any further.

Do I have the time?

Despite claims of property investing being a “hands free” venture, most people find it to be incredibly time consuming…do you really have the time for all of those little jobs that need doing? Probably not.

One solution is to hire a company such as HomeUnion Real Estate Investing who not only find profitable properties for you, but then also look after them and handle all of the maintenance. This significantly reduces the amount of time you spend and presents an opportunity for passive income.

What kind of property should I buy?

There are many different types of properties out there, and the kind you buy depends mainly on your goals. For example, if you are looking for a quick return on your money, then locating properties that are available to buy below market value is key, as this gives you the ability to do a quick flip and make some easy money.

However, for a long term investment, purchasing real estate such as a house or apartment that you can rent out is a wise choice, as this will give you a monthly income from your tenants for years to come.

Where should I buy property?

The number one factor in choosing a property to buy is the location. As they say…”location, location, location.”

Get this wrong, and you could end up with a money pit that drains your bank account every month. Get it right, and you are on the fast track to an extra income and early retirement.

As a general rule of thumb, you should be on the lookout for areas that are up and coming, while staying away from areas that are on a downswing.

If new houses are being built, new schools are opening, and businesses are moving to the area, then you’ve found the perfect area to invest in property. Move quickly though, as there are thousands of people out there with the exact same intentions as yourself.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Coffee Maker

Posted by in Lifestyle

coffee maker illustrationIf you don’t yet have a coffee maker in your kitchen then are you really living the American dream? Probably not, and that is why you should buy one as quickly as possible.

No doubt your neighbors have one, and most of your friends. Pretty soon you’ll be the only one without a coffee maker. Do you want to get left out? That’s not a nice feeling.

For people in the dark about choosing the best coffee maker here is the ultimate guide to making a purchase.

Different types of coffee makers

As well as the standard type of coffee maker there are now many different styles such as the single pod and k-cup models for you to consider. Not only that, but let’s not forget about specialty coffee makers such as espresso and cappuccino machines for consumers that want an authentic Italian experience in their kitchen.

Each type of coffee maker has pros and cons, and it really does come down to what you will be using it for and how much space you have. As an example, if you only want 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day, then buying a huge machine that brews up to 15 cups at a time is a waste of money.

Save space in your kitchen

When space is an issue in your kitchen then you might be interested to hear that some coffee makers won’t take up much of it. You could buy an undercabinet unit that fits nicely away, or even a coffee maker combination unit that comes attached to another appliance such as a microwave.

Also, consider how a coffee make will look in your kitchen and try and make it fit into your overall style, decor, and color scheme.

Many different features

Some people prefer simple coffee makers where all that needs doing is to push a button and that’s it, while other consumers want more features. If this includes you, then it’s good to know that there are many different features being offered right now, and the more you pay, the more you will be able to do.

Some features to watch out for include auto programming the machine to make a cup of coffee at any time of the day, a high-tech filter that removes impurities from the water, and a brew selector that allows you to make different types of coffee.


Now that you understand more about buying a coffee maker, the only thing left to do is go out there and choose one that fits your requirements. At the end of the day, a good machine will last you for years to come, so don’t be sacred to spend some serious money to buy a model that is high quality.